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  • Mobile:+376 359 620
  • Office:+376 80 79 70
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  • Avda Sant Antoni, 47, La Massana, AD400, Principality of Andorra

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Peter Lucas is a licensed and registered agent (Number 384 in the College of Agents of Andorra “AGIA”). Peter arrived from Australia in 1997 on a one year contract to play Rugby for the local rugby team in the French League. The rich culture and traditions of the small Principality struck a chord with him almost immediately, and he went on to play another 8 seasons, which also gave him time to become fluent in the language and well versed in the customs of Andorra. In 2004 Peter joined the Real Estate Agency INVICO S.L. which at that time was one of the most recognized Realtors in Andorra dealing with expatriate citizens looking to move into Andorra. Peter rapidly saw a vacancy in the market, and converted INVICO S.L. into a full service Relocation Agency, taking on the roles of Relocation Consultant and Head of Sales.

Peter Lucas took the reigns of INVICO S.L. from December of 2014 and moved the location of the office to the centrally located site where it is found today, on the high street in La Massana. It is here that Andorran Premier Properties was developed, as the number 1 agency for relocation, integration and property. In the understanding that INVICO S.L. had no literal meaning for the traditional international clientele that was managed by this company, and international marketing plan was successfully launched under the banner of Andorran Premier Properties. The website www.andorranpremierproperties.com is a progressive informative website, with all of the factual information and changes in legislation to inform new and current clients. The creation of the website www.relocatetoandorra.com (which is currently in its infancy) is more of an informative magazine, informing current residents, newcomers and individuals on foreign shores can see what is happening in Andorra, a more social and enjoyable side of Andorran lifestyle, in an attempt to demonstrate the lifestyle, pastimes, cultural activities and upcoming events within the Principality of Andorra.

Highly motivated to ensure that his current portfolio of clients are offered exceptional assistance in the day to day life of Andorra, and constantly welcoming to new clients (whether they are already Andorran Residents, or being introduced to the country for the first time) Peter is highly qualified and fully experienced in the services that form the motto of this rapidly growing company “Property, Relocation & Integration”.

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