Andorran Visa  Sports, Arts and Sciences.

Category “C”;

Andorran Visa Sports: The Andorran Government has created this category to attract individuals who are recognized as the best in their field. Due to the nature of high end sports, there are many elite sportspersons who compete internationally at a diversity of countries, but have no real fiscal base. Their “off season” allows them time to reside in Andorra, and of course the fiscal benefits of obtaining an Andorran Residency are even more motivating due to the professional contracts that professional athletes undertake.

Arts and Science are of the same ilk. Singers, Authors, Artists, and Actors who are among the higher echelons of their fields also can benefit from relocating to Andorra, under the same regime of spending 90 days in the Pyrenean Countryside, under a very secure fiscal regime, with strict privacy laws, and no paparazzi, while dedicating the rest of the year exercising their profession. Prize winning, or highly recognized Doctors, Scientists and Philanthropists can also apply under this category, as the majority of their professional activity will take place outside of Andorra, they can use the Andorran fiscal regime as protection, and not have to “donate” over 50% of their worth to the feisty taxman.

Many professional cyclist, motor cyclists, Formula One pilots, Singers, and Authors have already taken advantage of this opportunity to reside in Andorra with a legal Passive Andorran Residency.

The Requirements for the Category “C” Sports, Arts and Science Residency category are the following;

  • The applicant must provide Police Certificate of good conduct from their place of birth and their last place of residency. The Police Certificates must carry the Apostille Stamp (or be internationally legalized by the Embassies of their place of residence).
  • Sign a Declaration that they are prepared to reside in Andorra for 90 days per annum.
  • The applicant must demonstrate proof of earnings which are greater than 300% of the annual Andorran Minimum Wage (for 2016 this quantity is roughly €35 150.00 for the first applicant, and €11 700.00 for each extra applicant). This document can be supplied by a local bank once an account has been opened and sufficient funds have been deposited. Beware, different banks interpret this law differently, so it would be advisable to open an account with one of the more “user friendly banks (if you would like information about which bank we recommend, please contact me on ).
  • The applicant must supply proof of address in Andorra. This can come in the form of a rental contract with more than 12 months of validity remaining on it, or a Title Deed of Purchase of a property within Andorra (A Private Contract of Intent to Purchase will also suffice for this purpose, as long as the Title Deeds of the purchase are presented to the Immigration Department within 12 months of your residency application).
  • A Passport Photo
  • The applicant must demonstrate proof of Medical Insurance and a pension scheme. The Medical Insurance must include health and accident, and a Pension Scheme must be included. Many internationals Medical Insurance Companies are not willing to sign the required document the Immigration Department supplies, so in most circumstance, it a lot simpler to contract this insurance locally via a local Insurance vendor, or one of Andorra’s 5 Banks.
  • A Non interest bearing deposit of €50 000 must be deposited into the Andorran Government coffers for the first applicant, and €10 000 for each extra applicant of the same family. (This deposit is returned once the residency in renounced).


What’s More, Applicants of Category “C” must supply the following documentation.

The applicant must establish their current (or past) international standing, demonstrating the reason for their fame, achievements, awards or international recognition.

  • A Curriculum Vitae detailing Career Achievements, Professional History, Awards, and Qualifications.
  • Any supporting documentation that supports the above. Awards, Photos, Prizes, Qualifications, Publications, etc.
  • A Professional Contract signed by the applicant and the team, sponsor, publisher, company, recording studio, or the contracting body. If this is not feasible, then a financial statement, spreadsheet, profits and losses document of the prior 12 months.


Most documents raised outside of Andorra will require a legal translation into Ctalan. If this task is executed outside of Andorra, then the translation will also have to be accompanied by an Apostille Stamp. It is a simpler task to have the documents translated by one of the local Juristic Translators from within Andorra.