Thank you for taking the time to visit the Andorran Premier Properties website. We certainly hope that you find the information in this site informative and useful.

The reason that A.P.P. has created this site is due to the relative complexity in accessing information about what is happening in Andorra, what legislative changes have taken place, and how these changes can effect current and future residents of Andorra. We also wish to introduce Andorra in a professional manner to individuals who are looking for an excellent standard of living, in an independent country located in western Europe, without the restraints of heavy bureaucracy, and high crime, but with lifestyle benefits of excellent healthcare, beautiful natural surrounding and low tax.

Our professional and discrete employee’s can guide you through the whole process of relocation, property purchase and integration into Andorra, as representatives of one of Andorra’s original (and only) fully qualified and certified Property and Relocation company.

If you wish to enquire further into the opportunity of relocating or investing in Andorra, please contact one of the Andorran Premier Properties’ team directly, and we will be able to supply you with all required and up to date information in a personalised, discrete and professional manner.