Andorran Immigration Services

The benefits of Andorran Residency and living in Andorra are well documented, there is ample information these days on websites from various sources. In recent times it appears there are a lot of unlicensed “companies” reaching out to prospective clients via websites that promise an array of residency services. Be warned choosing an unlicensed can cost you more than you thought!

There are very few Relocation Service Providers in Andorra, that are qualified to offer property, residency and integration services. Newcomers are often lead into the pitfalls of being pushed from one agency to the other to cover their requirements. Realtors introduce clients to Residency Agents, and Residency Agents, introduce clients to service providers, and even other Realtors, in what becomes a vicious spiral of introdction fees and commissions between various individuals and companies.

Andorran Premier Properties is on of the very few genuine agencies that is fully qualified and has Governmental certification to practise in all facets of relocation. This not only ensures that clients complete an uncomplicated relocation process, with just one point of contact, who takes responsibility for all of the clients requirements, but it also ensures discretion.

Here at A.P.P. we guarantee a complete professional and discrete service, our clients privacy is our priority.

Contact A.P.P. without any obligation to find out how we can complete your relocation to Andorra in the most professional, rapid and discrete manner possible.

Apart from the properties you will find on our website, we also have some private sales, where the current owners, for whatever motive wish not to publicise the fact that they are selling their property, and therefore ask us not to advertise their homes on any public format of marketing, therefore, if you cannot find exactly what you are looking for on our website, please consult directly with us, as we will endeavour to find a property that fulfills your precise requirements.

Relocate to Andorra

The vast majority of enterprises that offer relocation services in Andorra, outsource to third party realtors, in exchange for heavy commissions and introductory fees, which will result as in extra charges to the purchaser, which are unfair, and unwarranted.

Secondly, some individuals would prefer that their relocation to Andorra be executed with maximum discretion, only to find when they arrive, they are sent to various external agents (some of whom do not speak English) to assist them in finding what is in effect one of the largest investments that most people will make in there lifetime. Here at A.P.P. we protect the profile of all of our clients, handling all of their requirements personally and professionally, all in house, and in the most cost effective manner.