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Invico S.L. (Andorran Premier Properties) was founded in Andorra on the 19th of November 1969 with the sole purpose of assisting expatriate clients successfully relocate to the “Tax Free” Principality of Andorra.

Many things have changed since 1969, but INVICO S.L. is still the only fully registered and licensed Relocation and Realty company to offer a fully dedicated English service for all relocation, residency and property requirements within the Principality of Andorra.

After 50 years of serving clients in their endeavour to relocate to the Principality of Andorra, there is not much we have not experienced along the way, and it is this wealth of experience that will professionally navigate you through the whole process of becoming an Andorran Resident


Our services include the following; (click on any of the following tabs for further information regarding our services)

  • Complete Residency Service
  • Property Service (click here) (Purchase / Rental)
  • Importation of Vehicles
  • Schooling for Children
  • Change of Drivers License and other documentation



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