The Gravitas of one of life’s biggest decisions!


It is understood that moving house is the third most stressful experience in life, and although it is incomparable to the first two, it is none the less, not an easy decision. Moving abroad to a foreign country which has a different culture, the population speaks another language, and being far from what has been a support base for so many years makes some individuals  weak at the knees at the thought.

This said however; hundreds of people are relocating to Andorra annually (millions relocate annually worldwide) for a variety of reasons, but the prominent response I receive when I ask my clients the reasons for wanting to relocate, is to better their personal situation, and that of their family. To reap the benefits of living in a very healthy, low crime atmosphere, where the cost of living is very low, and why not say it, escape the burden of excess taxation.

When the time comes that an individual contemplates relocating to another country, it is only natural that they investigate all of the options that are offered to them. Andorran companies are slowly coming to terms with the incredible power and reach of the internet, and there is constantly more information available to those who are looking at their options of relocation, I strongly recommend looking thoroughly through these options, and finding the best fit for you. While I would aspire to see every potential client to walk through my door, I understand that there must be a professional or personal connection made between the institution or the person who is offering the relocation service and the individual looking for assistance in relocating.

With 12 years of personal experience in assisting hundreds of clients relocate and integrate into Andorra, and through social activities and events, I have met many more who have been assisted by other companies and individuals who have been happy with the treatment they had received. Unfortunately more of the newer residents have had reason to complain, and in many cases they have come to me to clean up the mess of the company or individual who has “managing” their relocation. If you are researching the possibilities of who to use to assist you in relocating, I would like to point out the following information as much of this does not appear on the websites of some of the individuals who claim they can help.

  • Certification: It is illegal to practice or give advice unless you have the qualification to do so. This is called “intrusisme” in Andorra, and individuals can be fined up to €18 000 for claiming to be something, that they cannot justify with government regulation, certification or qualification.
  • Language: Don’t risk missing the finer details of such an important decision. There is a lot to investigate and a great deal of information to be retained before taking the initial steps, it is in your interest that nothing is “lost in translation”.
  • Public Office; It is essential that the agency you are using has a publically accessible office from which they practice their profession. Normally this would be taken for granted, however there have been several cases in the last few years of individuals working from home. Understand that this is Private Property, and clients have no right of trespass if the relationship sours. In contrast, those who work from public offices are accountable for professional actions, and clients are free to come and go as they require.
  • The Truth; Andorra is the 7th smallest country in the world, and it is fair to say that reputation is created and destroyed via word of mouth. The vast majority of companies with long histories recognize that unprofessional business behavior, or incorrect employee comportment can damage the very important professional image of a company, therefore ensure that their professional behavior is exemplary at all times.
  • Price: The truth is that €6000.00 or €10 000 is a lot to pay for the service in assisting you in achieving Andorran residency, and while it may be worth paying this amount considering the lifestyle and economic improvements, you will find this same service for under €1000.00 via reputable relocation agencies.

New competition assists with the marketing and professionalism in the sector, it even assists with removing dead wood, and at this time, the Andorran market is flourishing.

The most important thing for you, the end client, is that you obtain residency, and you have somebody to assist you in integrating smoothly into Andorran society. This is not rocket science, but there are a few intricacies to the process that accelerate things, and a few pitfalls to avoid. The key is finding the right person to assist you with one, while avoiding the other.